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We provide Emergency Roadside Services to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

**Customers are responsible for verifying the rate with dispatch prior to services being rendered.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Customers have a 5-minute grace period for cancellations and full refunds after requesting and paying for services.
  • After this initial 5-minute window, customers have an additional 10 minutes to cancel services and request a voucher for future use.
  • This voucher will be considered valid for one year from the date of purchase and service voucher credit amount can be redeemed for any service we offer.

If no cancellation or voucher request occurs within 15 minutes, customers accept the service terms, and all sales are considered final.

Standard Service Call Fee:

  • Our standard service call fee is $35.00, which covers dispatching and certain exclusions apply.
  • This fee is separate from any charges for specific requested services and becomes non-refundable once services are scheduled and a technician is dispatched.
  • If we are unable to fulfill the requested services due to a different vehicle malfunction, customers are still responsible for any service fees associated with any attempted service.

*We advise all clients to obtain a quote from dispatch prior to services being rendered to prevent confusion on pricing.

Response Time:

  • Our National average response time is 20-45 minutes. However, response time can vary depending on traffic conditions, weather conditions, time of day, technician availability and other factors.
  • We try to uphold our immediate response time, but are not liable for any collateral damage that may be associated with any extended wait time or hold times.
  • Clients will receive text message updates with real-time ETA updates.

Responsibility for Parts:

  • Customers agree that we are not responsible for any defects or damages resulting from parts supplied by third-party distributors, including automotive batteries or key components.
  • We will make every effort to ensure the quality of parts, but customers acknowledge that we do not manufacture these parts.

Unforeseen Vehicle Issues:

  • In cases where we attempt to provide services such as jump-starting a vehicle, unlocking a vehicle, or programming keys, but the customer’s vehicle has additional underlying issues that prevent the service from being successful, customers are still responsible for the service fee associated with the attempted service.

Price Matching Policy:

  • We offer price matching for any service provided.
  • To take advantage of this policy, customers must provide us with a written or electronic copy of a quote from any certified locksmith or roadside assistance provider at time of services being rendered.
  • Quotes submitted after payments are processed will NOT considered for thsse discount.

Real-time ETA Updates:

  • Customers will receive text message updates with real-time ETA updates to keep them informed of the technician’s estimated arrival time.

Automotive Battery Sales, Delivery, and Installation Services:

  • We offer automotive battery sales, delivery, and installation services. Customers can choose from a selection of batteries suitable for their vehicles.
  • Upon installation, the customer agrees that all sales are final.
  • A 20% restocking fee applies to preordered, paid, undelivered, and uninstalled automotive batteries that are returned.
  • Automotive battery quotes are only provided over the phone with dispatch or through text upon booking a quote through chat.

Transponder Key Cutting & Programming/ Key Fob Programming Services:

  • We provide key cutting, programming, and key fob programming and replacement services for various vehicle makes and models.
  • Once Transponder keys are cut or Smart-Key fobs are programmed, all sales are final.

Dead Battery Jump Start Services:

  • Our technicians are equipped to provide dead battery jump start services.
  • Even in cases where we encounter difficulties fulfilling the requested services due to a different vehicle malfunction, customers remain responsible for all additional service fees associated with any attempted services.
  • Customers acknowledge that we are not responsible for any damages to their vehicle or any collateral damages that may occur as a result of jump-starting.

Flat Tire Changing Services:

  • We offer flat tire changing services, and the standard rate varies depending on factors such as the type of vehicle, time of day, and difficulty of the task.

Automotive Unlocking Services:

  • We provide automotive unlocking services to assist customers who have locked themselves out of their vehicles.
  • Customers understand that potential damage, such as paint scratches or damage to weatherstripping, may occur during unlocking, and they hold us harmless for any such damage.

Electrical Components Diagnostic Services:

  • Our technicians can perform diagnostic tests on vehicle electrical components, including batteries, starters, and alternators.
  • These services are designed to identify potential issues, but the customer acknowledges that we do not guarantee the resolution of all vehicle problems.

*Changes to Policies

**All policies are subject to change, and we reserve the right to modify them at any time. Customers are encouraged to review our policies regularly for updates.

If you have any questions or concerns about our policies, please contact our customer service department for clarification.

By accepting our services, customers acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this service agreement.

Any Roadside Assistance Service
* Only When booked Online!

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