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If you're looking for the most affordable and reliable Car Unlocking and Roadside Assistance Across America with 24-hr on-call open availability, then look no further. Every technician is fully trained and competent, with the physical skills to not only do a good job, but proper customer service training to do a great one! When we dispatch a tech to your location you can rest assure that you are getting the absolute best value for your dollar. Our Dispatching team stands ready to step to the plate when the time arrives. Upon calling us you will be greeted by a real live person offering real live 24-hr support, and not some outsourced call center, in India somewhere, or worse an automated system that will take 20 mins of your life and give you a headache struggling to navigate and get a real customer service representative on the line. Real-time GPS updates, ETA’s, and Job description detail text messages flood your phone from our dispatch keeping you informed of our progress and ensuring that our client is kept up to date every step of the way. We truly are by your side.

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Our Car Unlocking Service Process

When searching for a service provider please be weary of a company that cannot give you upfront cost for service. Most of these service providers try sleezy tactics to extort the most amount of money out of you. They will advertise one price and inflate it upon services being completed; saying something like the intricacy of the door and locking mechanism, or the year, make, and mode, made the difference and explains the increase in price. Most of these companies will charge a service fee of $20-30 dollars just to come out. This a typical service call fee that covers the cost of marketing. This fee is usually upfront and non-refundable meaning that regardless if they get you back on the road or not your paying for them to just come out. The Typical charge to then actually provide the service (unlocking your car) can range from $60-250. That’s why it’s always a good idea to remember to ask if there are any additional or hidden applicable charges. If this does happen to you, please do not panic. Realize and understand the situation you are in. You are not obligated to go with that company. Its actually illegal for them to do this, and if they are searched for and found on a Google search then you have the power to report them to Google, and potentially have their business listing, ads, blogs, ect  reported, and even taken down. Google does not take lightly to these offenses and every issue should be addressed to Complaint form: Google My Business Help

The Industry standard for a lockout is $50-250 depending on several factors, such as technician’s proximity to the service location, time of the day, region of the country, and overall competitiveness and saturation of service providers in the area.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the reputation that we have managed to uphold. Our National Response time is 20-45 mins while the industry standard is 45 mins to an hour and a half. With our network of on-call service providers we can keep our response time to a minimum while ensuring that our clients are not waiting unnecessarily.

We are NOT a dispatching call center or referral company, all our technicians/ contactors work for and only for 24HR Car Unlocking Emergency Roadside, and were fully trained by 24HR Car Unlocking Emergency Roadside Services.

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Why Choose Us?

The best thing about hiring the right service provider is that they will answer the phone in real time by a real person. There’s nothing more irritating then trying to call for help and being answered by someone who barely speaks English. Let’s not mention automated answering systems that will leave you screaming “Representative” only to be met with “we understand you want to speak to a live person, please tell us the reason for your call…” We have all been there.

24hr Car Unlocking Emergency Roadside Services never outsources its dispatchers and are available 24/7. With 5 Star Ratings, and a commitment to be the most affordable and reliable roadside service provider across America, there’s no denying the value that 24hr Car Unlocking Emergency Roadside brings to the community. With an average response time of 20-45 mins, why wait? Don’t hesitate. Call now!

When a Tech is dispatched you will receive notifications and updates in real time from our award-winning customer service Dispatching Team sent directly to your cell phone. This ensures that your kept informed of ETA’s, job description detail statuses, as well as invoice information.

24 Hour Emergency Response. We Respond Immediately!

What Our Customers Have to Say

Tell us about your experience with 24 Hr Car Unlocking Emergency Roadside Services.


Jun 18th

Came quickly, opened vehicle quickly; lovely!


Mar 3rd

I trust 24 hour Unlocking service. They gave me a great deal and ensure that would not give up until they unlocked my car. I highly recommend them. I will refer anyone in the need of an emergency.


May 12th

The service was quick . He arrived pretty quick fast as well. The service was nice and very professional! The price was very fair as well


Jun 17th

The dude was really chill and friendly, if I ever get my keys locked in my whip again I’ll call them


May 24th

Steve was awesome! Super quick and very friendly! They kept open communication and updated me on arrival time. Hopefully I don’t need to.... but I would definitely use them again!!


Mar 19th

Quick response and Brett showed up on time. No upcharges and he was in and out in ten minutes. Definitely recommend.


Feb 23rd

Steve Tinder help me get my lock car keys out of my car!! Truly life saver! He came out same day within 30 after calling. Nice work!! Thank you again!!


Sep 21st

Steve came out quickly. He is a professional and no issues.


Aug 21st

I had a cat named Brett Nave come unlock my truck. He was professional fast accurate and on TIME...i would have him referred most definitely....words from LaMont

About 24 HR Car Unlock

We are NOT a dispatching call center or referral company, all our technicians/ contactors work for and only for 24HR Car Unlocking Emergency Roadside , and were fully trained by 24HR Car Unlocking Emergency Roadside Services.

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