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Battery, Starter, and Alternator Testing

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Free Battery Testing Near Me

Inspecting and testing the health of your car's starter and alternator is crucial, as these components play essential roles in the starting, charging, and electrical systems. If your vehicle fails to start, experiences malfunctioning electrical accessories, or emits clicking or grinding noises during startup attempts, it may indicate issues with either the starter or alternator. You can easily have these components tested for free by trusted professionals by scheduling online or by calling (866) 584-8488. Experience convenience by scheduling your vehicle for expert mobile assistance through our platform.

*Free Basic Testing. Limitations and exclusions apply. Comes Standard with our $35.00 service fee.

Starter Testing Replacement and Battery Testing
Edward did such a great job!! We were stranded late at night. In a very stressful situation, he provided excellent customer service. He went above and beyond what was expected. THANK YOU!
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Jordan provided quick and professional service to resolve my auto lockout. Their response time and efficiency makes my AAA coverage completely useless for local emergencies. I highly recommend.
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The service was phenomenal. They responding quickly to my online request and I was in contact with the technician within 2 minutes after hanging up with the dispatch. My technician, Matthew, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.
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#1 Rated Alternator Testing and Replacement Services

24 HR Car Unlocking offers top-rated alternator testing and replacement services, ensuring your vehicle's electrical system runs smoothly. Our expert technicians use advanced diagnostic tools to accurately assess your alternator's condition and recommend the best course of action. With a focus on quality and efficiency, we strive to get your car back on the road quickly and safely. Trust 24 HR Car Unlocking for reliable alternator services that keep your vehicle running at its best.

Why Do Alternators Fail?

Alternators typically last between 40,000 to 100,000 miles but can fail due to wear, environmental conditions, debris, and overworking from charging a failing battery. Factors affecting their lifespan often fall outside an owner's control.

alternator testing

Damaged Alternator Bearing

A bad alternator bearing, prone to wear from heat, stress, and friction, can impair an alternator's function, making it difficult for the engine to turn the alternator and limiting power generation. This can prevent battery recharge, stress the alternator, belt, and engine, and potentially cause the belt to snap, leading to overheating, loss of power steering, air conditioning, and other issues.

Fluid Leak

A dead alternator can result from fluid leaks, such as oil from the engine or power steering system, damaging its internal components. Leaks can cause the alternator's electrical and mechanical charging parts to fail, leading to inadequate power for recharging the battery or keeping the engine running. Specifically, leaks into the alternator may turn the composite brushes inside it into paste, preventing power production.

Using Jumper Cables Incorrectly

Incorrect use of jumper cables can lead to alternator failure by reversing polarity, which damages the alternator, battery, and potentially the engine control unit (ECU) through voltage spikes and sparks. For safe jump-starting, follow our guide on how to jump-start a car battery to avoid damage.

Personal Driving Habits

Using electronic accessories while idling can strain the alternator, potentially reducing its lifespan. Alternators function best above 1650 RPMs, so minimizing the use of high-load accessories at idle can prevent failure. Modern vehicles often have an engine control unit (ECU) to regulate alternator output, generating power only above a certain RPM threshold to lessen engine burden and improve fuel efficiency at idle.

We Offer Free Car Battery Testing

At 24 HR Car Unlocking, every service call requested is given a complimentary Battery Diagnostic to check the State Of Charge and the State of Health. This ensures that every customer is given the peace of mind in knowing the current condition of their car battery.

Cranking but not turning over? Not sure if it's the starter? Our Roadside Tech will test the starter so you don't waste any money on unnecessary parts and labor. When in doubt go the local route and call 24Hr Car Unlocking Emergency Roadside Services for all Car Battery Diagnostics services.

Signs of a Weak Car Battery


Alternators & Electric Charging Components Tested

#1 Affordable Starter Testing and Replacement Services

Experience the unrivaled starter testing and replacement services at 24 HR Car Unlocking. Our proficient technicians employ cutting-edge diagnostic tools to meticulously evaluate your starter's performance, enabling us to deliver efficient and dependable testing and replacement services. Committed to affordability, we prioritize cost-effective solutions while upholding exceptional quality standards, ensuring your peace of mind on every journey. Count on 24 HR Car Unlocking for expert starter testing and replacement services, ensuring your vehicle runs seamlessly and reliably round the clock.

Signs Of A Bad Starter

An automotive starter can fail from common wear and tear. The teeth of the pinion gear or flywheel can wear down and become no longer useful. Additionally, extreme temperatures can cause the solenoid to create electrical arching or mechanical sticking. Signs your vehicle needs starter repair:

free car battery alternator starter testing

Get Free Starter & Alternator Testing at 24 HR Car Unlocking

Ready to check your vehicle's starter or alternator but not sure how to begin? Our skilled technicians can test your starter or alternator on your vehicle. Our specialized testing equipment securely tests the part, giving quick and accurate results to determine if there's a failure or performance issue. Plus, we offer top-quality replacement starters, alternators, voltage regulators, starter relays, solenoids, and other charging and starting system components to ensure your repairs are done right the first time.