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Posted Fri, Aug 21, 2020 in Lock Popping

Do you know what you should do when you lock your keys in your car? A few simple conditions should guide towards calling the police or the nearest locksmith. Judge the safety of the environment, time, and weather to know which one will be of utmost value as you wait to retrieve the keys.

The best lock technicians will not rake up the cost to an alarming $800 bill. The average price of popping the locking should never exceed $250. Several factors determine the sum value of the service. The following lockout settings influence the difficulty of the retrieval process and how each method will affect your finances.

Key lockout incidents

Locked in trunk

Locking one's keys in the trunk is one of the most regular occurrences.  Some trunks are harder to access; hence one should always hire a locksmith to pop a lock in Austin.

A deadlocked trunk is difficult to access and usually lacks the extra section of protection for the owner. Unlocking this kind of car takes time because it needs specific tools and processes to keep the car’s features safe. The technician may use a key analyzer to measure electrical resistance and then use a mechanical key cutter to make an alternative key.

Broken keys

You will be locked out of the car when your key breaks in the lock as you turn it open or closed. This problem is more common on the front door key.

The technician will quickly remedy the block if you have a spare key. Do not keep trying to unlock the door because the motion could damage the entire door lock system. We can quickly retrieve the broken piece and make a spare key without escalating the cost of repair.

Lost keys

The lock will require rekeying if you lost your keys. The average price of rekeying a door is between $40 and $100. The final price, however, depends on the lock’s features and the number of lock cylinders.

Our 24-hour roadside assistance technician may ask you for information about the key before they can start making the copy. The service has a fee of up to $250, depending on the make of the lock and the key.

Transponder key

Some locking systems will quickly lock you out of your car unexpectedly. The transponder key gets communication about the integrating chips and locks the key in a bid to offer additional security and layers of verification. A transponder key relays information between chips every time you close the door. Therefore, you may have restricted access due to merely stepping out for a minute without your car keys. A technician may have to program the transponder key to regain access to the car.

Despite the current abundance of keyless entries and ignitions, our technicians still answer hundreds of calls every year about drivers who lock themselves out of the vehicle. We have a reliable roadside assistance service that will travel to you quickly. Talk to us about a few solid tips that will prevent similar occurrences, and the exact prices to pop a lock in Austin.


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