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How much will it cost to unlock my car?

Updated Thu, Aug 20, 2020

Our low advertised Car Unlocking $35.00 Service Call fee is exclusively for children and pets within city limits. If you do not qualify for this low rate, then the standard rate is $49.99-$85.00. This rate is affected by certain variables such as, but not limited to: year, make, and model, time of day, weather conditions, availability of technicians, distance traveled to and from the customer’s location, and the overall difficulty of the task at hand.

We advise all clients to obtain a quote from dispatch prior to dispatching and services rendered. This prevents any confusion on pricing. If a quote is not obtained then the Technician will be responsible for determining price, subject to, and based on, market rates.

* Approximate market cost for a vehicle lockout is $75.00-$225.00.

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