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Auto Shipping To Hawaii

Article provided by: Mr. Car Shipper

Auto Shipping To Hawaii

Bill of Lading may be something that you haven't seen before if this your first time using an auto transport company. It doesn't matter if you're shipping your vehicle for just short distanced or long-distance auto shipping to Hawaii, Canada, or Mexico; a Bill of Lading is an important document.

A Bill of Lading is a binding document between the shipping company and the client about the car to ship. A bill of lading is a document that proves that the auto company agreed to take the vehicle to their agreed destination. The document will include the following details:

  • Shipper's name and address
  • Date of the shipment
  • Shipment origin and destination 
  • Vehicle details, model, make, year, VIN, and mileage
  • Condition report
  • Customer agreement of T&Cs
  • Driver agreement of T&Cs

Why Is A Bill Of Lading Important?

A Bill of Lading is a document for confirming shipment information, such as the shipped car, intended drop-off and pickup locations, and a variety of other details. It's also used to record existing damage and damage that has occurred during transit when it comes to auto shipping. Damages are not expected to happen, but in the event it does occur, having a bill of lading will reduce the stress and time involved when making an insurance claim. 

What Process Does The Bill Of Lading Involve?

You need a bill of landing when shipping your vehicle. Auto Transport does inspect any vehicle under their care to have the full details of the car. Inspections will take place before the car is loaded onto the trailer or truck. Both you and the driver should do this inspection. Both parties should only sign the Bill of Lading after completing the inspection. If you don't inspect your car and sign a bill of landing, the auto transport company can't be held responsible for any scratches, dents, and pre-existing damage to your vehicle. 

Who Should Sign The Bill Of Lading?

A bill of lading is a binding contract. The recipient listed on the shipment and who inspects the vehicle should be the person to sign the bill of lading. Sometimes, the intended recipient might not be available to attend the delivery and signed the bill of lading physically. If this happens, the intended addressee can allow a trusted person to receive the car and sign on their behalf. When someone else does sign on your behalf, it can mess damaged claims since it is difficult for the person to know if there was damaged during transit. Therefore, the chosen substitute need to be careful during delivery. 


Bill of lading may seem complex at first but is very easy. All you need to do is focus on the document and make sure it's as accurate as possible to ensure you receive your vehicle in good condition. If you have any questions about the bill of lading, feel free to contact us! Our knowledgeable and helpful staff at Mr. Car Shipper can help you with any auto shipping inquiries you might have.






Auto Shipping To Hawaii
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