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Locked keys in car Austin

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Locked keys in car Austin

Locked keys in car Austin

It’s not unusual for your key break in the ignition. To properly remove it without causing any damage needs specialized tools and skills. Otherwise, if done improperly, you may end up replacing the ignition, which is more expensive than extracting the broken key. At 24 Hr Car Unlocking Emergency Roadside Services, our experts have the skill set and are equipped with everything needed to carefully remove your key from the ignition. We utilize the latest techniques to ensure the entire mechanism isn’t damaged in the process. In addition, we offer professional unlocking services if you have locked keys in car in Austin.

Why Keys Break in The Ignition

Car keys are made from steel, but that doesn’t make them indestructible. They may eventually break when exposed to extreme stress or temperatures. In case your key breaks off while inside the ignition, you’ll need expert locksmith services to ensure all the pieces are removed. The following are some of the reasons your key can break while in the ignition. You can prevent having a broken car key by knowing some of the common causes.

  • Extreme Temperature Changes – Extreme cold or heat can damage the material your key is made from. When the key is too cold or too hot, starting your vehicle may cause it to yield and crack at its weakest. As such, this leads to a part of the key remaining inside the ignition.

  • Damaged Ignition – If there is any kind of damage to your ignition, don’t attempt to force the key to turn as it will more than probably break. Also, if there is any residue inside the cylinder, it might result in stiffness when using the key and ultimately damage the key.

  • Locked Steering Wheel – When parked, some vehicles come with a locked steering wheel feature. Once the wheel is locked, the ignition barrel is unable to turn when the key is placed inside. Forcing the key in the ignition can result in the key snapping off, leaving a piece stuck within the ignition.

  • Wear and Tear – Worn out keys are weak and more prone to breaking inside your vehicle’s ignition.

  • Frozen Ignition – This is quite common during winter. You can use a de-icer twice every month to prevent the key from breaking inside the ignition.

What Should You Do If Your Key is Broken Inside the Ignition?

Don't panic, and don't attempt extracting a broken key all by yourself. Having a broken key isn't unusual, and at 24 Hr Car Unlocking Emergency Roadside Services, we are ready to assist. Why we do not advise you to remove the broken pieces because you can easily make the situation worse. If you don't have the skills and the right tools, you might end up pushing the key deeper.

Car Keys Extraction Experts at Your Service

At 24 Hr Car Unlocking Emergency Roadside Services, we’re a trusted car unlocking company you can rely on. As soon as you get in touch with us, we will arrive at the location of your vehicle in the shortest time possible and perform the job onsite. Whether you need car keys extraction or locked keys in car in Austin services, we are always available. For prompt solutions, call us now at (866) 584-8488.

Locked keys in car Austin
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