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How to unlock car Austin

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How to unlock car Austin

How to unlock car Austin

It's is not an uncommon mistake for anybody to lock their car keys in the car. This happens randomly and it could happen to anybody regardless of how careful one is. Finding your way out of this unpleasant situation allows you to make up for your mistake. There are several ways to go about unlocking your car depending on the type of your door lock, your location, and the materials you can find around.

This article is specially tailored for the people of Austin, Texas since location also has a role to play here. So, it wouldn't be biased to call this article "How to unlock your car in Austin." Now let's go into the business of the day we will be talking about 5 methods that can be used to unlock your car when your car keys are locked inside the car

The first method we are going to talk about is the "Hail Mary Method." Wonder why this method has such a name? I do too. Anyway, let's talk about the method. The main tool that is needed here is a tennis ball.

How do you go about it?

  • Get a tennis ball
  • Make a hole in the ball
  • Place the tennis ball with a hole on top of the keyhole and push.

How does this work?

The pressure that is created inside the ball forces your car to open.

The second method is the use of slim Jim. Before we go further, let's make a description of a slim Jim. This unlocking tool probably got its name from a snack which is also called slim Jim.

What does a slim Jim look like? A slim Jim is in the shape of a long and skinny stick.

How to go about it?

  • Get a flat object preferably a flat wooden object to create a space at the top right corner of your window. A wooden object is preferred to not damage your car paint.
  • Pick up the unlocking tool i.e the slim Jim in this case. Start about Midway to the window, gently slide the tool in until you find the lock switch
  • Find your way around until the door opens.

Another useful method is the use of smartphone applications and software. Technology has made many things including our lives easy there are mobile applications that have been developed to unlock your car all that is required of you is to get the right application and software to get started. With this unlocking, your car in Austin and every other part of the world has been made easy.

Unlocking your car with the use of a coat hanger

The use of a coat hanger to unlock a locked car is a very common practice around the world. How does this work?

  • Get hold of a coat hanger
  • Straighten it out and make a hook that will into the stripping of your windy
  • Get a wooden flat object, place the wood in the top right corner of the window. Wiggle the straightened hanger until you find the lock switch and unlock your car. This sometimes takes time, but it is worth the sweat.

The last method we will be talking about is the method most people shy away from and that is contacting your locksmith. This is also a way out all you need to do is to make necessary documents of ownership available.

Bonus: check around your car and you might be lucky to have the trunk not locked, you can easily gain entry into your car with an unlocked trunk. PS this only works for manual locks. Thanks for reading and I hope that you find this article useful? Do not hesitate to point to any of the methods mentioned above whenever you find yourself in such a situation.

How to unlock car Austin
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